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on Tue Jun 05, 2018 5:57 pm
House Tyrell House-tyrell-of-highgarden-photo-u2?w=650&q=50&fm=jpg&fit=crop&crop=faces

For many years, House Gardener ruled the Reach. We, the Tyrells, served the Gardeners faithfully as stewards of Highgarden and the Reach. The land blossomed and grew fruitful under our care. After all, our maxim is "Growing Strong". After House Gardener was defeated at the Field of Fire, Harlen Tyrell, who was acting Lord of Highgarden, capitulated to Aegon I. Aegon I entitled Highgarden to Harlen and made House Tyrell wardens of the south. But the Targaryens were overthrown by Robert the Baratheon and, choosing peace over war, we bent the knee to Robert. We remain at Highgarden, managing the affairs of the Reach.

We are one of the richest Houses in the Seven Kingdoms, and we continue to prosper even in times of destruction.
We control the Citadel and can field the largest single army in Westeros.

We are a matriarchy and believe women are as powerful and strong as men.

But despite our great power, we choose peace over war. House Tyrell knows how awful and horrendous war can be. We know the destruction it can bring. And we choose the common good over unlimited power. Can the other Houses claim such integrity, morality, and virtue?
Victoria Tyrell, Lady Paramount of the Reach, Warden of the South, and Matriarch of House Tyrell
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